Can one pricing be fair for all bookings?

Yes, because our company uses a combination of mileage and time for a fair yet transparent pricing.

1 - Driving Rate

 We use a mileage rate when our driver is on the road, so if there is traffic slowing them down your price will not change.

2 - Loading & Unloading Rate

Our company uses a time rate when the driver is at your address, so we charge only for the loading time used.

Transparent Pricing

We display our pricing so our customers can see the cost in advance

Very Flexible Pricing

Every job is different, but all our van bookings use the same pricing method

Want the rubbish gone?

● If you need a clearance we can collect and dispose a whole van load of your unwanted items. Just look at our pricing below for disposal costs.

● Or if you need a new item of furniture delivered, we can unwrap and dispose of the packaging for you. 

Do you require a second driver?

Is your item too heavy, or the job just too large for just one driver? If so, we can supply an extra driver, just add one or even two during the booking.

Our drivers may be strong, however please keep in mind we do not expect them to carry items over 30kg solo.

Do you like to plan ahead?

Our Pricing

Main Costs

driving - Per Mile

Van and Driver      75p plus vat

Second Driver (If required)      36p plus vat

These rates are doubled for any mileage used within London (Area within M25 Orbital)

(We calculate our cost per mile using the total job mileage, so we can give you a more accurate cost)

Time at stops - Per Hour

Van and Driver      £25 plus vat

Second Driver (If required)      £12.00 plus vat

(To keep costs fair, we do not round our time and charge to the nearest minute)


Packaging Disposal (per item)      £3 plus vat

Pallet Disposal (per item)      £4 plus vat

Clearances Disposal (per van load)      £95 plus vat

 These costs don’t include time or mileage

(We price large items of packaging like crates individually, due to their size variations)


Minimum Charge      £40 plus vat

Tolls & Parking      Added to the invoice

Cancelling Bookings      *Free

*(Any bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the arranged booking will be charged the minimum charge)

Our invoices have payment terms of 14 days from the date of invoice. If we have not received payment within this time a late payment fee of £40 may be charged

Overtime Charge


Weekday      6pm – 8am

Weekend      All Hours

Overtime charges are only used when the booking required by a customer requires a specific time and cannot avoid using these times

(Only the time used during these hours will incur an extra cost, costs for time used during regular hours is not affected)


Per Mile Cost      40% Extra

Per Hour Cost      40% Extra

(No other costs are affected)

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Up to


miles free

For All Driver & Van Bookings

Local Collection Address?

We will drive to any collection address within 5 miles of our depot (GL51 0TF) for free

Collection Address Further Away?

No charge for the first 5 miles of driving for any bookings where the collection address is over 5 miles away

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